Successes, Changes & Results – achieved with the SA Callanetics Programme

Jenny Rex Eales

Callanetics has definitely changed and improved my life. I’m sure I would have ended up pretty immobile within 10 years without it. I’ve also grown 1.6cm in a  year!
Thank you Sylvia Lampe. We love and appreciate you tons.

Lisa Nola (57)

From my part I can say that since I started Callanetics 8 months ago, I no longer suffer with lower back pain that debilitated me for a number of days at a time.  My regular visits to,the physiotherapist to treat the pain are also a thing of the past as is the regular use of anti-inflamatories and pain killers.

I thoroughly enjoy my classes and attend at least 2 times per week.  My posture has also improved considerably.  I’m now trying to convince my fiancée to also join as he too suffers from back pain and I am certain that your Callanetics classes will benefit him as much as they have benefited me.

Pregnancy and C-section recovery: Why exercise is important!
[Dr. J Retief]

I’ve been taking Callanetics classes with Sara for the past two years.  This year I fell pregnant and had a c-section in November. The assistance Callanetics gave me throughout my pregnancy and during my post-birth recovery was absolutely amazing.  Although I have always been very active, the small muscle groups that Callanetics targets cannot be underestimated.

Since it is low-impact I was able to continue with classes until one week before my due date.  I had an extremely difficult pregnancy with many health issues.  However, due to the nature of Callenetics exercises I was able to exercise through this and feel a little more human at the end of each session J

Since my body was prepared (thanks Sara J) when I fell pregnant I noticed that I did not have as much aches and pains as my pregnant friends.  Although I did have neck and back pain occasionally it was clear that it was nothing compared to what my friends were dealing with.  I am convinced that the core muscles strengthened by Callanetics assisted me in this. I was also able to relieve most aches and pains through a Callanetics session where other pregnant women I know had to seek further medical assistance i.e. pain medication, physio sessions etc.

My c-section recovery was truly a breeze.  Of course it is painful, it is after all major abdominal surgery, but my recovery was light years ahead of other mommies in the maternity ward that gave birth the same day as I did. Before surgery I was seen by a physio who instructed me on how to get in and out of bed for the next six weeks.  Sara also focused on this a lot during the last leg of my pregnancy so I was sure not to put too much pressure on my abdominal muscles.

The day after surgery I was expected to get up, walk around, fetch baby from the nursery, bath baby etc. I did not even need assistance getting out of bed as my upper body strength was well prepared for the recovery ahead. (Again, thank you Callanetics J). I was also mobile a lot faster than others and I could rely on other muscle groups to assist me in holding baby, moving around etc. I was able to get in and out of bed without any assistance at all since I was able to use my upper body, buttocks and leg muscles without putting severe pain or pressure on the abdomen.

Three days after surgery I was completely mobile, handling baby, changing diapers with little to no pain. I am so glad I found Callanetics.  My recovery has been really easy considering the enormity of the surgery!!

Anonymous (Ostoeporosis sufferer), age 62

I’m impressed!!
I decided to try SA Callanetics because I am going to be the mother of the bride(my youngest daughter) in Sept, and I wanted to get rid of some of the rolls that had accumulated around my hip area. I started at the end of January 2009.

I measured my waist and hip at the very beginning and after 2 1/2 months of Callanetics twice a week, I had lost 1cm in each area. I also went on a shopping expedition to Canal Walk, and was totally amazed that I managed to walk around for 4 hours!! – my usual time limit is 1 1/2 hours, as I suffer with a lot of lower back pain. I would then find it very difficult to get into the car after that time.
I also noticed last week doing stretching exercises how much more supple I am – I could almost touch the floor from sitting cross legged and leaning forward with my arms. I’m impressed!!
Thank you for your teaching.

Olivia, age 28

Callanetics has shaped my body more in 8 weeks than Pilates did in 3 years…

Renee Clough, age 50

I’ve been doing Callanetics for several years now with Sylvia at Callanetics Studio Suncabin, and the benefits are such that I can’t see myself ever stopping.Callanetics keeps me young and supple and maintains muscle tone; a couple of weeks without Callanetics and I’m weaker and stiffer and I generally start feeling like an old lady!Through doing Callanetics I’ve ‘grown’ an extra couple of inches and have ‘lost’ a couple of kilos (a big plus when you’re only 5’ 2”); my rounded shoulders have straightened up; my core body muscles are stronger and I can lift things more easily; my problem knee is less of a problem as my thigh muscles have strengthened and I now have a bounce to my walk instead of a hop, and my flexibility is maintained at a time in life when stiffness starts to creep in.One of the reasons I’ve been able to continue with Callanetics through the years is because the classes are so enjoyable – you can dress up in leotards and gym gear if you like, or dress down in an old T-shirt and baggy tracksuit longs, it’s up to you; you work for yourself at your own speed, there is no competition to see who is the fittest or the fastest; you are never pushed to go further than you can go, and your position is monitored all the time; old injuries or health problems are addressed and worked around; the classes are varied, you never get bored with the same routine every week and new exercises are often introduced, and there is just the right mix of intense effort followed by relaxing stretches, of concentration and laughter.Callanetics has just become part of my life!

Janine (yoga teacher), age 47

I have been doing the SA Callanetics programme for about a year now, and I have tightened and toned my muscles so much, that I have lost 3 cm off my hips, waist, legs & arms. My body is stronger and more supple than when I joined. I am looking forward to many hours with Callanetics.

Elke, age 39

Backaches eased tremendously. Posture improved almost immediately…Muscle tone has generally improved all over my body to the extend that people comment whether I have lost weight (but I have not!).My spine has stretched, and therefore I have “grown” by 2 centimeters.A greater sense of well being and achievement has been instilled.The classes often have a therapeutic effect on me, I really enjoy our sessions and can only recommend the SA Callanetics programme to everyone who is interested.

Ursula, age 34

I have lost a considerable amount of inches. I now fit into a size smaller than I used to…My height has increased from 1,67 to 1,68 m.I no longer have upper back pain which I suffered with for quite a number of years from a hockey injury at the age of 23.It is an hour of sanity (when my kids are not with me) and an hour of “freedom” from being a responsible mom, wife, housewife, bottle washer – you name it etc.The chats before, during & after class are enjoyable. It beats a noisy gym full of kugels & sexy brown bodies by far.Thank you for all your knowledge & good advice.

Helene, 50ish

I really feel so much better since starting the SA Callanetics pogramme…Had back problems every now and then. I was stiff in the mornings – sore in the neck. Now – all these problems are VERY MUCH better – virtually non existing.Thank you so much.

Karleine, age 31

I have lost a total of 12 kg…I started the SA Callanetics Programme 1 ½ years ago after the birth of my first child.I enjoy every class, and it gives me a breather from everything at home.My body took a while to get back in shape, but mainly because I was eating the wrong food. Only after I lost the excess weight, did I start seeing dramatic results from the exercises. I have lot over 26 cm and have gone from a 38 back to a 36.I have lost a total of 12 kg. I love the interaction with all the other ladies and the teacher is such an inspiration to me.Even when I am too stiff to get out of bed from the previous day’s exercise, I get up and go – because it is fun and important to me.Thank you.

Elaine, age 55

To me it is the greatest exercise and it certainly keeps me strong…I have noticed that my back and stomach become very weak and prone to disorders, if I don’t do the SA Callanetics regularly. My bladder also gets very weak in as little as one month without Callaneitcs.Thank you for being a good teacher.

Madelein, 30

Callanetics has changed my posture (no more lower back pain) and life so much…I started doing the SA Callanetics programme when I was 6 months pregnant. After my baby’s birth I was wearing size 11 & 12 pants. Now, 4 years later I am wearing size 6!I had no arms! And now there are definite muscles.I have become a Callanetics instructor myself – this I will be able to do even when I am in an old age home!

Simonette, age 32

I started the SA Callanetics programme mainly to improve a bad posture… I subsequently fell pregnant, unplanned. I am so glad that I started with Callanetics before my pregnancy, as I feel great!!My posture has improved dramatically. I no longer wake up with pins & needles in my legs due to bad circulation. I generally feel healthier. I am also enjoying the classes. I used to hate going to gym, and I can now honestly say that I look forward to the classes. I can’t wait to get back in to shape with Callanetics after pregnancy.Thanks to Sylvia & her team!

Lesley, age 55

I started the SA Callantics programme about 2 months ago…Reason: I had a bad lower back problem as well as being stiff in most joints & experiencing niggly pain in different parts of the body.Most frustrating, as I have two passions which were being hindered – the garden & my dogs!!1. After doing mostly all the work in the garden and getting it to the stage of it going on show twice – I had reached the stage of not being able to do anything (except a little watering at short intervals) and was feeling most unhappy watching my beautiful garden become more & more unkept. And now – after just 2 months of Callanetics (going 3 – 4 times a week) am able to tend to my roses for up to 3 hours at a time and also do other small chores.2. I have two gorgeous Maltese poodles who are my life. Because of their being afraid of water, I have always bathed them myself. I had gotten to the tage where the only way this was possible, was to get into the bath with them & sit down to wash them (I mean us).Now I can wash one dog by standing & bending over the bath – a great achievement. Thank you!

Sharon, age 50

I have had no tummy muscles since my babies. I am beginning to feel muscles again…My arms have better definition.The hour spent doing a class is challenging, but very enjoyable – a bit addictive.It sets a positive frame of mind for the balance of the ay.My hip joints were extremely painful when I began, but after 3 months, they have eased considerably.

Helen, age 40

The SA Callanetics programme changed my shape totally – unlike years of gym and swimming…It has firmed my body and lifted many areas!!!I love slow exercise and the toning effect.I feel more energetic and healthy.

Jean, age 56

I have an acoustic neuroma which affects balance & hearing. My balance & confidence has greatly improved…The exercises also help with tightening and strengthening nicely.Jenny, age 47 – More supple from stretches…Better posture.Greatly reduced back & neck pain due to strengthening of muscles.Clothes fit better, especially jeans, due to toning.

Lydia, age 34

One thing for sure I will not stop – Callanetics is mytherapy!!To Sylvia & her team – a big THANK YOU.I NOW HAVE A BODY! Knees – Bum – arms have shape, there is a beginning and an ending line. Tummy is firm, and I have one last pouch to work off.CELLULITE!! Believe it has disappeared from both thighs.
Callanetics and stretching classes have helped my problem back – when missing classes, Ican feel all the aches and pains in lower back area.

Claire, age 35

The SA Callanetics Exercises definitely whittle away and shape and firm everywhere as opposed to any other exercise I have come across, and in a short space of time also…Having done Callanetics a few years ago, I always enjoyed the exercises, as opposed to doing aerobics, or going to the gym which I really didn’t enjoy.I have definitely found a re-shaping of my legs, bottom and arms, which I have never had before, especially the arms, and I am now wanting to work more with weights to get more arm definition.I really enjoy the classes and only get upset when I am late coming from work and don’t make it to class. I hope to remain coming to classes for a very long time to come, and hoping to look as good as all the

Kim, age 32

I would like to share my results with everybody as I hope that other members would do the same…When I started SA Callanetics, I would feel the results almost immediately.The proof for me was in my measurements:July:Bust 82 cm / Waist 68 cm / Hips 94 cm / Thighs 98 cmDecember (of the same year)Bust 75 cm / Waist 60.6 cm / Hips 82.2 cm / Thighs 87 cm
Total of: 37,2 cm in less than 6 months.
However, I have been trying (yes, I do cheat) to follow a healthy eating plan, I do believe it is due to Callanetics that I feel so good in my clothes.

At 21 years of age I weighted 49 kg, BUT at no stage could I wear a size 8.
I am now32 and weigh 51 kg, and fit into a seize 8 comfortably. Only because of the SA Callanetics Programme. Besides feeling good, I look forward to coming to the classes because of the people the relaxed atmosphere, the stories we share.

Never at any stage did I feel uncomfortable with being at the class. I have joined in at different times, and done the class with many different people and instructors, and recommend you as I loved every class I have done. So, again, thank to Sylvia & the SA Callanetics programe.

Amanda, age 55

General body strength, balance & muscle tone are also improving, which gives me more confidence to tackle physical tasks…I have found that since starting the SA Callanetics programme again this year (after about 7 months break) my body has become much more supple.When I started the classes, I was suffering from “golfer’s elbow” & struggled with a few of the exercises where I had to support my body weight on my hands; I feel that the spiral dynamics exercises have contributed to a vast improvement in this condition.Apart from the physical well being, I have also really enjoyed the camaraderie & fun we have each week.Thank you for all your hard work and care.
What are your experiences with Callanetics? We would love to hear from you!