[Dr. J. Retief]

I’ve been taking Callanetics classes with Sara for the past two years.  This year I fell pregnant and had a c-section in November. The assistance Callanetics gave me throughout my pregnancy and during my post-birth recovery was absolutely amazing.  Although I have always been very active, the small muscle groups that Callanetics targets cannot be underestimated.

Since it is low-impact I was able to continue with classes until one week before my due date.  I had an extremely difficult pregnancy with many health issues.  However, due to the nature of Callenetics exercises I was able to exercise through this and feel a little more human at the end of each session J

Since my body was prepared (thanks Sara J) when I fell pregnant I noticed that I did not have as much aches and pains as my pregnant friends.  Although I did have neck and back pain occasionally it was clear that it was nothing compared to what my friends were dealing with.  I am convinced that the core muscles strengthened by Callanetics assisted me in this. I was also able to relieve most aches and pains through a Callanetics session where other pregnant women I know had to seek further medical assistance i.e. pain medication, physio sessions etc.

My c-section recovery was truly a breeze.  Of course it is painful, it is after all major abdominal surgery, but my recovery was light years ahead of other mommies in the maternity ward that gave birth the same day as I did. Before surgery I was seen by a physio who instructed me on how to get in and out of bed for the next six weeks.  Sara also focused on this a lot during the last leg of my pregnancy so I was sure not to put too much pressure on my abdominal muscles.

The day after surgery I was expected to get up, walk around, fetch baby from the nursery, bath baby etc. I did not even need assistance getting out of bed as my upper body strength was well prepared for the recovery ahead. (Again, thank you Callanetics J). I was also mobile a lot faster than others and I could rely on other muscle groups to assist me in holding baby, moving around etc. I was able to get in and out of bed without any assistance at all since I was able to use my upper body, buttocks and leg muscles without putting severe pain or pressure on the abdomen.

Three days after surgery I was completely mobile, handling baby, changing diapers with little to no pain. I am so glad I found Callanetics.  My recovery has been really easy considering the enormity of the surgery!!

― Pregnancy and C-section recovery: Why exercise is important!