The Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa was established as a professional body for Callanetics teachers in South Africa.

Mission Statement:

It is the aim and purpose of the Association to:

further, improve and uphold the
South African Callanetics Exercise Programme
in South Africa;

uphold a high standard of teaching for the benefit and safety of all clients,
and the protection of the SA Callanetics programme;

upgrade and update affiliated teachers’ qualifications on an ongoing basis,
keeping abreast with latest developments and research;

enable as many people as possible to benefit from this
exceptional exercise programme.”


Benefits for affiliated Callanetics teachers include:

  • use of logo
  • display of affiliation certificate
  • discounts on workshops
  • teachers training course
  • classes at affiliated studios
  • entry in referral list of Callanetics Teachers of SA
  • entry in our website
  • discounted prices on videos/dvds and written material available from the association

About the founder

Sylvia Lampe has been in the health & fitness industry since 1982 and teaching the South African Callanetics programme since 1990. She offers workshops & teachers training in South Africa.

Sylvia teaches Callanetics at her studio in Randburg (Johannesburg).